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All pieces are Handcrafted with Passion. 

We use classic goldsmith methods and only precious metals: 14k gold and sterling silver.

A unique selection of necklaces from our Warsaw workshop. Each piece of jewellery is created entirely by hand, fstarting with carving of the prototype in jewelry wax and casting it in precious metal with ancient lost-wax method. The necklaces and pendants are made from precious metals only: 14k gold, sterling silver, and silver plated with 24-karat gold.


We believe in craftsmanship and in local production. That is why we work exclusively with local, Warsaw-based manufacturers. The silver chains, which are an integral part of our necklaces, have been specially selected in a workshop near Warsaw, from hundreds of designs, to perfectly match the weight and round forms of DOBRO necklaces.


DOBRO signature necklaces are dedicated to women who love expressive styling and unusual combinations. We believe that jewellery is not just for decoration: DOBRO necklaces can be central elements of a styling, their nonchalant, decorative shapes have the power to catch the eye from afar.


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