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All pieces are Handcrafted with Passion.

We use classic goldsmith methods and only precious metals: 14k gold and sterling silver.

Sun Medallion Necklace

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Product code: N/L'V/SUN-GV-50cm

Product description


A beautiful gold plated talisman that will make you stand out from afar. Thanks to the amount of silver used, you can be sure that this is jewellery that is not only beautiful but also durable. The Sun Medallion is absolutely uncompromising - it's over 7g of sterling silver and over 3cm in diameter.


Summer hidden in jewellery

The hand-carved form of Sun Medallion was inspired by two symbols - the Triskelion from sunny Sicily, and the emblem of the Sun King, Louis XIV.

This sunny necklace winks playfully with one eye, reminding us to always have the sun in our hearts!

The sun is tender and uncompromising at the same time, and it is impossible to live without its rays. It shares with us energy, giving the courage to reach for more in life! Proud and glamorous, crafted in silver, the golden sun will bring you sheer happiness.


Out of love for Craftsmenship

This goldplated necklace was sculpted over a period of nearly a month, with complete patience for the fragility of the wax and the resistance of silver. Each piece is finished by hand using classic goldsmithing techniques - medallions may vary slightly from one to another.


This pendant may be worn close to the heart or on a longer chain, deep into the neckline. Shining like a radiant mirror, it will proudly catch the eye of everyone who's looking at you.

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