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All pieces are Handcrafted with Passion.

We use classic goldsmith methods and only precious metals: 14k gold and sterling silver.

Concha Goldplated Earrings

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Product description

What do I love Concha for? These are perfectly versatile earrings with a subtly vintage feel. Not only is it a sexy retro classic, but it's also a great basic that will go well with any outfit.


She sells sea shells

The gold-plated Concha earrings were inspired by ancient jewellery of the Mediterranean area. They are decorated with three symmetrical round shapes that perfectly reflect the light, illuminating the whole face.


Out of love for Craftsmenship

Concha earrings are made entirely by hand, starting with handcarving of shell shape. Every earring is finished using classic goldsmithing techniques - from soldering the pin to the final polish: this is why each piece may vary slightly.


DOBRO Jewellery focuses on comfortable, highly decorative and solid forms. The weight of a single earring is 4.6g of sterling silver. 


Width at widest point: 1.2cm, height: 2cm. 


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