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All pieces are Handcrafted with Passion. 

We use classic goldsmith methods and only precious metals: 14k gold and sterling silver.

Caterpillar Silver Earrings

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Product description


Extravagant Elegance

Silver Caterpillar Hoops are a pair of glamorous, elaborate in shape earrings. Their exceptionally rich ornaments will add stylish charm to your daily looks: the hand-carved roudnesses spectacularly reflect light.

Silver Caterpillars earrings are a great addition to both everyday and evening outfits - every morning will belong to you when you see how beautifully the sun rises in their silver shapes; wearing them you may become queen of the night: let the neon lights shine in all these bubbles!


Inspired by Vintage

Modern jewelry with vintage twist: Caterpillars were inspired by the cycle of butterfly's life that Flemish painters depicted in their still lifes. In Baroque, the caterpillars symbolized life, the cocoon - death, and the butterfly itself - resurrection.

DOBRO Jewelery specializes in opulent, decorative designs. Caterpillar Hoops earrings are an example of very eye-catching jewelery and spectacular in terms of the amount of precious metal that has been used.


Classic craftsmenship

The gold-plated earrings were made by hand, starting with ancient lost-wax technique and handcarving laborious caterpillar shape. Before they reach you, I refine each silver earring using classic goldsmith techniques - each pin is soldered by hand, mirror finish of a single earring takes over an hour of manual work.


Width at the widest point: 1.3 cm,

inner diameter: 1.6cm,

outer diameter: 2.6 cm.

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