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All pieces are Handcrafted with Passion.

We use classic goldsmith methods and only precious metals: 14k gold and sterling silver.




We invite you to try on our jewellery live,

in wonderful spaces in Warsaw:


LUI STORE:  Mokotowską 26 / Warszaw  

Blask Store: Mysia 3 / Warszaw 



Do you have any questions?

Contact us: 

or Whatsapp: +48530422466



Press inquires & international cooperation: -



The studio in Warsaw currently does not hold client meetings. 


Corresspondence address DOBRO Jewellery: ul. Żeromskiego 1/372, 01-887 Warszawa 

DOBRO Jewellery Katarzyna Dobrowolska - Warszawa, NIP: 1181818011, REGON: 386303632

 mbank bank account number: 71 1140 2004 0000 3102 8014 8228




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